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How long is the "protected status"?

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Popplecake Sat 15-Feb-14 20:06:14

I'm on mat leave (week 20 of 26) and my job is being gotten rid of completely on return. When I spoke to my boss I was surprised that they were not getting rid of me (via redundancy), or even redeploying me into another team in a similar role. Instead they are going to make a new role around me.

I am a bit puzzled by this because it would mean that I have a unique role as a low grade in a high graded professional team. So I'm wondering - is this because my mat leave gives "protected status"? If so, how long does this last for? Also, my ex works at the same place and he has been maliciously spreading lies about me, which the boss is aware of.

I would like to flatter myself, but I feel that my bosses actions are more because I am a "problem" than worth keeping. . So I just wanted to check when my protection ends, as I feel I could easily be gotten rid of more easily at this point?

flowery Sun 16-Feb-14 08:18:44

If your role is made redundant while you are on maternity leave, if there is a suitable alternative vacancy, you must be offered it.

There is absolutely no obligation for your employer to create a role specifically for you, so assuming the elimination of your existing role is justified and fair, and there are no other suitable roles available, I would assume this role is being created either because it's genuinely needed or because they don't want to make you redundant for some reason.

Do you feel this created role is suitable for you and do you want it?

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