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social worker wanta access to. my neurosurgeon records

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mmmmtoffee Wed 12-Feb-14 18:01:35


I have a rarw brain disordwr that I have had a number of surgeries for. hopefully the latest one in November has eased it as I feel better now.

I lwdt a very abusive relationship in December. childrebs services got involved as I had past involvment. they are

sw kewps asking.for access to the records from neurosurgeon. ns wants me to sign a consent form before ns will release any info.

sw has not been the best, she says on thing on the phone toe me then refuses she said that, doesnt believe the abuse happened (said IF the abuse happenes l, you need to get support, if... then chamged the aubject totally"), she is all for exp who is saying I abused him. she also contacts him but me or the staff from the refuge find it very hars to contacr her.

I have vision problems which sw says I never told her anout but I had a friend and Hv with me when I first peft exp. my friend hears me.mention my vision and Hv said "yes, she can read ingedients for baby and made her a sandwich" I also had an adult assesment from visually impaired sw.

so why would she need to access ky medical records? she wont tell me what she wants from them, she does keep saying "you might be unwell again as your anxiety is bad" my anxiety is down to her, ive recieved help from gp about it (had severe depression in the past but im fine now)

cestlavielife Fri 14-Feb-14 14:34:26

seek advice from staff at the refuge.

ask for an advocate to be with you at any meeting with sw.

write down your recollection of any phoen conversation with sw then e mail it back to her and her supervisor, saying "to clarify, we spoke on xxx day at xx time, and I understand that you said that xxxxx"

then you can clarify or ask any questions about what was said by email.

Jux Tue 18-Feb-14 19:48:57

Yes, with someone like this, always cover your arse.

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