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Dh company withholding wages

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Magix Wed 12-Feb-14 14:19:19

This month dh has lost two (12 hour) days wages . They've said that it's because he didn't sign out two of the days and if they forget to sign in and/or out , they don't get paid for that day .

Is this legal ?

Magix Wed 12-Feb-14 21:23:23

Bump ?

sykadelic15 Wed 12-Feb-14 23:47:16

I don't know if it's legal, but how do they know he was really there if he wasn't signing in and out?

Magix Wed 12-Feb-14 23:54:13

Because there's about 20 other people there ? I don't sign in and out of my work yet I seem to get paid for every shift I work .

SilverViking Thu 13-Feb-14 00:01:18

Depends on his contact. Most finds have policies in place, that if an employer does not comply with then they could lose pay, or be disciplined. Some companies I know with clock-in will deduct pay for being late.
Get him to check his contact, and not to forget to clock in and out again!

Custardo Thu 13-Feb-14 00:05:08

contact ACAS

I hope this is n't legal, but i'm not certain

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