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Notice from liquidators

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ComfyLeatherChair Sat 08-Feb-14 11:15:35

i was hoping someone could offer me some advice please?

Last year I used a local company who supplied us with a vegbox, but cancelled it in the summer. I've just received a letter from the company's liquidators saying I owe £15 (the value of a veg box)

I'm sure the account was paid up to date, and I haven't heard anything up to now to say I owed any money. Tbh although the vegetables were brilliant the admin side of the company was atrocious. But it was over 6 months ago, sometimes I paid by cheque, sometimes in cash to the person delivering.

What do I do? Can I ignore this or should I respond? I don't want to pay for a vegbox a) that I might not have received b) I might already have paid for. Also they operated a recommend a friend scheme that meant you got a vegbox free, oh and your first ever vegbox was free too.

Collaborate Sat 08-Feb-14 12:31:22

Write back to say the account was up to date, and you occasionally paid by cash. They're unlikely to take it any further for £15.

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