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Bunch of chancers

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maggiemight Fri 07-Feb-14 11:42:15

My very stupid brother has agreed over the phone to pay 298 pounds for some company to do something or other requiring a pin number to get his webpage at the top of the google search page yea, that's likely,
Here is a link to some reviews of this bunch (OPM Consultants, Manchester)

I tried asking them for a copy of the recording and they happily agreed to email it to my solicitor ( I was expecting them to prevaricate). My brother agreed to send a cheque which I still have, as I thought it was a scam, However he is abroad now and I leave on Tues, so no time to contact solicitors, I spose I will have to just send them the cheque to avoid the risk of him being blacklisted for debt?

maggiemight Fri 07-Feb-14 11:54:34

Here are more complaints but no one says that they didn't pay up so not much help.

maggiemight Fri 07-Feb-14 12:05:00

Hahaha got them riled. They are a cheeky bunch and were actually laughing down the phone when I got annoyed with them earlier.

However I have told them I want a recording of the whole conversation between them and my brother, claiming that it isn't a proper verbal contract if the whole conversation isn't included. This annoyed them and they hung up on me. All they can offer is a recording of my brother talking to their security department which I think confirmed his details and had him agreeing to the contract.

Does that mean they can't enforce payment.

MrsPnut Fri 07-Feb-14 12:09:01

Has your brother paid them any money?

If not then just ignore them, let them try to take you to court. I doubt they will and it's very unlikely that any county court judge would allow them to obtain a CCJ against your brother.

They make money by using slightly scary language and people being frightened. He doesn't have a credit agreement with them and no written contract so they can't enforce either.

tiredoutgran Fri 07-Feb-14 12:09:02

I wouldn't pay up, report it to fraud action and google as per the numbers in the link you added. If they conned your brother into thinking they were from Google then it is a fraudulent act and would not stand up in Court (and doubt it would even get there). I would imagine going from those complaints that they will have enough legal action going on to worry about one more.

maggiemight Fri 07-Feb-14 12:19:19

They sound very confident and cheeky (until I riled them) - will take your advice and ignore them, it is a bit difficult as it is my brother's business and would hate it to be blacklisted as it could cause fnancial problems for him. He is abroad for a month so won't receive any threatening letters etc.

I am going to write ( as if from my brother) and ask them for the recording of the full discussion 'to send to my solicitor' as they obviously haven't got it and hope they then leave him alone.

Thanks for support.

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