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don't know what to do!!

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Dobby12 Wed 05-Feb-14 11:06:03

I'll keep it simple.. basically my other half and i have his daughter living with us through her own choice and have been for last 7 months.. her mum has not really been interested in her till recently after splitting up with her boyfriend.. now she wants her daughter to live with her but hee daughter is happy with us.. With this her mother has threatened to tell her daughter of 11years old that her dad had been inappropriate with her half sister many years ago.. when her dad left her mum her mum and half sister went to police and reported this incident as her dad said he would take his daughter with him if he left.. So they made this story up so as not to lose their daughter/sister. nothing came of th accusation as there was no evidence. All investigation were taken place ect but authorities were happy not to take action..

Basically the mother is now threatening to tell these lies to her 11 year old daughter to get her to move back with her..

I am worried this will destroy th poor girl. as well as not having her dad when her mother decides to get drunk or gets another boyfriend..

Presently she has just lost her license for drink driving.. been arrested many times for being drunk and disorderly as well as fighting in th street and domestic violence!

I don't know what to do legally to protect this young girl from lies and her mothers poison!

Thanks in advance for advice and help

smile x

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