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Specific issue order - schooling & costs

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Teddingtonmum1 Thu 30-Jan-14 23:14:41

Am in the middle of a Specific issue hearing regarding my ds school with xp . Him not involved in school life last vist to school was 2 years ago , does not attend parents evening as refuses to be in the same room with me. Pays Csa not a penny more no extras ie school trips , contribution towards uniform, birthday party's etc. Refuses to day days off when ds is sick or inset despite me being s.e and him having paid sick and holidays. Basically will go out of his way to make it as difficult as possible.

Ds sat entrance exams for 2 private schools xp does not agree with private education and initially wanted ds to come live with him and go to the local sink comp despite having a 1 bed flat and after 12 months still hasn't organised a move to accommodate him and appears to have gone off the idea( realised how much hard work it is no doubt). Ds has mangled to get a place at a weekly boarding school and as a single parent I've applied for a bursary xp refused to be included in the application or for me to give his details and threatened legal action if I did.

Am not asking xp to contribute towards the school fees as I was of course my choice to go private so I accept it is for me to find the fees but is there any way when I go back to court that I can ask the judge to make an order for xp to pay for certain items ie school uniform / pocket money / school meals / travel etc need to get a list from the school as to what the extras are as things are going to be very tight from September.

Am just fed up with paying for everything and xp pays a pittance £55pw he fails to accept the Csa payments are to go towards basic costs not extras. He works , has a rental property but is bitter and wants to be as difficult as possible and relishes saying no , his own ds asked him to pay towards his school trip and he said tell your mum to use her child support !!.

Just thought I'm in court so might as well ask as he won't be offering ....I brought the action initially as I needed xp to give consent for ds to go to 1 school which he then actually didn't get in so really court is irrelevant now as new school don't need his consent and we don't have any other offers and ds want to weekly board so am hoping he won't be able to object as he doesn't have any alternative to offer.

Any advice ???

vj32 Sat 01-Feb-14 20:30:50

Extras at a private school are likely to add up to much much more than extras at a state school. I think your exh is clearly being a twat but its your choice to go private so you need to pay the extra costs on top. And if your DS is going to be weekly boarding surely some of your other bills will come down anyway?

nickymanchester Sat 01-Feb-14 20:51:47

As vj32 said, if he is weekly boarding then you will no longer need to pay for food etc during the week.

I would suggest that the maintenance payments are his share of the costs. He is certainly not expected to pay in full. If the CSA say he should pay £55pw as his share of the costs and he is doing this then I really cannot see him being ordered to pay more than that.

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 01-Feb-14 22:06:29

Do you think he has higher income than declared to the CSA?

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