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Replies to Questionnaire in Divorce

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Joy5 Thu 30-Jan-14 18:27:55

Thanks travellingbird we had the first appointment earlier this month. In dispute is the family car my ex sold after he'd moved out. He claims to have sold it for a few hundred pounds when it was worth thousands. His new car is 'borrowed' except he has it permanently. Have asked for official proof of both, but he's just given a written explanation of what happened.

Will look at family family procedure rules. Have been looking in a local uni library, luckily i'm a student so the books do seem to be very new, but guessing a website will be more up to date.

Thank you again.

travellingbird Thu 30-Jan-14 17:03:38

So yes, you ask again, replying to the reply.
Look at the family procedure rules, much more up to date than books.

travellingbird Thu 30-Jan-14 17:02:05

Hi op, where are you at in the proceedings? Have you had a first appointment yet in court?

What is in dispute? Is it an asset like a family home? You might need to instruct an expert to value the home.

If there is no proof, you have to 'put him to proof'. So you say that you require evidence of X bank account or the value of X home etc. Everything that you want or need clarification on you are entitled to ask for. Be stubborn and put him to proof.

Joy5 Thu 30-Jan-14 16:46:27

Would anyone be able to offer advice on what to do next. Of the questions i asked about my ex's questionnaire, hes failed to provide 'proof'
on most of them.

What do i do next? I've spent hours today reading law books, some say i should file for a production appointment, but others say this doesn't happen anymore.

Joy5 Mon 27-Jan-14 16:42:00

Am exchanging 'replies to the questionaires' tomorrow with my ex as part of the divorce regarding the finances.

My ex's Form E was full of lies, that i know to be totally untrue, so my questionnaire to him asked for clarification on about a dozen points.

I'm self repping so a bit unsure of the next stage, if as expected my ex can't provide full evidence to back up what hes claimed in his Form E, do i then ask again for an explanation and if its not forthcoming, the judge has to be informed?

Am trying to work out by reading law books in a local library, and they're a bit difficult to understand to say the least.

Thanks for any help.

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