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Electric shock

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travispickles Mon 27-Jan-14 08:37:19

When I moved into my house I paid for an electrician to do a full rewire. Two years later, when I was taking a box out from under the stairs, the box pulled off the meter cover and I put my hand into the mains, getting a very nasty shock. It transpired that he had cut the wire seal that prevents that from happening and hadn't informed me that it needed the electric board to seal it. I called 111 who sent an ambulance to do an ECG. Not only was I lucky that my two year old wasn't holding into me at the time, but I found out three days later that I was pregnant. I contacted the dr to ask whether the shock would affect my unborn baby, which he said was unlikely if it hadn't caused a miscarriage straight away. I then asked another electric company to do a survey to see if anywhere else was unsafe. The report showed that he hadn't rewired in the kitchen. There is fraying 70 year old wire still there. Overall the report showed area of potential danger and thus unsatisfactory. I contacted the electrician who has admitted liability and asked what I want to do. Frankly I would like compensation for trauma as well as expenses but am not sure how to go about it. He offered to contact his public liability insurance but will I need a solicitor?

travispickles Mon 27-Jan-14 09:00:43

Anyone? Please?

specialsubject Mon 27-Jan-14 10:36:06

forget suing for trauma - fortunately nothing happened and while belts off the mains aren't recommended, in the right circumstances they are perfectly survivable.

In the wrong circumstances they kill, so you need to get this electrician dealt with and get your house made safe, definitely at no cost to you. Most solicitors will give free initial advice and an idea of costs, so start there.

travispickles Mon 27-Jan-14 18:18:57

That's great. Thanks. Do I ask solicitor to get money off electrician?

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