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Residency order ..

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mumsforjustice Fri 15-Nov-13 21:33:47

It also allows immediate retrival of a chilf if they are taken abroad.

prh47bridge Tue 12-Nov-13 17:01:27

A residence order purely covers who the child will live with. It also gives you the right to take your children out of the country for up to a month without the father's consent.

mumof289 Tue 12-Nov-13 16:55:26

Hi everyone!

Just after general advice really. 2 baby girls 22 months and 10 months. Violent relationship, babies collateral damage. Social services where involved and closed file as safe guarding was in place with non mol order on babies" dad with an extension to family court proceedings.

At first hearing, he isn't disputing residency as judge said he agrees the children should live with me. He also told the Judge how much of a "brilliant mother" I am and then calling me a c*nt the next day on social networks as he was arrested for breach of injunction, no action was taken though as CCTV couldn't prove it was him! He has PR to both children. Interim supervised contact was suggested but I refused (next hearing is present evidence why) which is too much to state in this message so please do not judge on my decision to keep babies safe and not to put any stress on them.

My question is what does residence order specifically cover? I know it covers whom.the children should reside with. But what else?

The judge also suggested that he does a perpetrator of domestic violence and anger management course. Which he has not refused, and said "ill do whatever". But no evidence has yet been presented of DV because it wasn't passed on to judge at the time even though this was requested from the evidence of the non mol order! So, cafcass are involved which I have no quams with at all. I'm accepting the support of anyone I can professionally and emotionally. They are not giving a decision on the next hearing because of the amount of evidence and short notice of things. Even though were still waiting on a date. Cafcass have said they can't pass him on to the courses as he has denied the allegations of violence.. But didn't have any problem with it to the judge when it was recommended to him? So how does that work?

I am also going to suggest a prohibited steps as he has threatened abdication of the eldest before on a few occasions, and I don't feel that they are idol threats (yes I have evidence - I have kept every single text and screen shot)

Happy for any advice and pass on my thanks in advance

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