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what if ex stalls cafcass request for gp notes, can i wait before contact starts

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babybarrister Sun 10-Nov-13 21:18:33

More likely that there will be supervised contact in a contact centre whilst court waiting for all this further information

fluffyithinknot Sun 10-Nov-13 09:04:59

hi im pleased with our section 7 report, i feel cafcass heard all my conserns. they want exs gp notes as he says he was suicidal on two occasions, however is now backtracking saying he lied to get therapy.

so cafcass asked for gp report on the 10th oct we are in court on 13th for directions hearing, final hearing on 27th

cafcass recomend to the court he has a drug and alcohol test, and for interim contact to be supported at contact centre for up to two hrs weekly.
how long does someone normally have to do the test and give report, as the longer he waits the more chance he has of it being low

if however the test is posative and he has unaddressed mh issues contact stops till both are managed for a period of 6mths im reluctant to start contact and stop. ds is only 16 months.

can i request contact starts after report and results are back?

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