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Any advice on council tax arrears?

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therewearethen Wed 23-Oct-13 17:45:03

Long story short, it seems I was overpaid council tax benefit when living under my old local authority (I've since moved to a different council authority)

From what I can gather the council tax benefit overpayment has been added to my council tax bill and would be treated as council tax arrears.

They've written to me and I've had 4 different figures quoted with regards to how much I'm meant to owe. Without being too specific it ranges from £200 to £450.

Can anyone tell me if it is dealt with in the same way as council tax arrears, and so court action etc?

My now ex and I split in Sep so I don't have the means to pay it in full, and would struggle paying more than a few pounds every month.

If I was taken to court or they pass this onto bailiffs, can they seize my car to pay the debt off?

DownstairsMixUp Wed 23-Oct-13 17:49:07

Hello i am not sure if it varies from council to council but i got in some arrears when they cocked up with my last job (grr) and have ended up paying it back as a special arrangement to suit how much i can afford.

So council tax for this year I still pay my usual amount, say 90 a month then i pay a seperate amount to get the arrears paid off, at the moment, i'm paying 20 a month extra. They are happy with that arrangement so long as you stick to it every month and i am sure they will adjust it to suit your income.

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