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Inheritance - what next?

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CircassianLeyla Mon 21-Oct-13 16:35:34

My mum is the beneficiary as the child if the deceased. There is no will. Having had a look I have ascertained what the probate process is, however the sibling who has been dealing with the estate had not been in contact with my mum at all since the Grant was issued 2 years ago.

A polite letter has been written simply asking where in the process they are at and when she can expect to hear about a beneficiaries meeting to go over the accounts and sign, carefully avoiding any where is the money type aggression.

No response has been received so we are wondering what the next steps are, we have no idea how much the inheritance is but suffice to say it will be small as there are quite a few people to inherit and the deceased was not in any way particularly well off and there is no property involved.

What would you suggest as the next step? I feel legal advice and another letter from her followed by a legal letter but it seems unlikely in the long term that much will gained. Is there any way of enforcing the procedures that are laid out?

bigbrick Thu 24-Oct-13 13:32:14

I don't understand what's happening and would say go to a solicitor to be sure of what your rights are and what the processes are

CircassianLeyla Thu 24-Oct-13 13:49:16

Yes. I think you are right. I was just wondering if we write to him one more time to prompt action.

bigbrick Thu 24-Oct-13 15:08:29

Any stalling over money isn't right & to be sure on the legal aspect it's better to go through someone qualified dealing with this. Good luck

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