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Property ownership question

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mumblechum1 Mon 21-Oct-13 08:40:25

Well first of all, don't panic too much if your name isn't on the deeds, as long as you are married, you have a right of occupation under the Matrimonial Homes Act and of course if you were to divorce, the value of the house would be considered to be a joint asset.

If the marriage is in trouble you can put a restriction on the Land Register to prevent your husband from selling or mortgaging the house without you knowing about it. He would be made aware of the restriction.

I suggest you go back to your conveyancing solicitors and ask them to dig out the old file and let you know for sure what happened when you bought the house.

Nappiesandwine Mon 21-Oct-13 01:10:06

when we got engaged my husband and I opened a joint savings account, (at a guess 80% was my savings from salary and 20% his savings to buys house) approx three years ago 'we' bought a house.

The mortgage appears to be in joint names in that it is linked to out joint account (offset) and when I log onto internet banking it comes up, however I can not remember if I ever signed anything.

I have just found out that the legal owner of the house is my husband, although he has life insurance of which I am the beneficiary.

We have three kids under 10, I am aware what this says about my marriage which is why I am trying to gently sort this out, how do I go about it? go to bank? Go to lawyer? The original one or a different one?

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