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OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 20-Oct-13 23:53:27

Get legal advice, from Citizen's Advice or Shelter if you can't afford a lawyer. He's gaslighting you (lying, laying the blame for his shit on you) and you need to get him out. Also speak to Women's Aid, they will show you a different perspective on this.

Bluecatbabe Sun 20-Oct-13 23:43:25

My husband has lied to me repeatedly about money throughout our ten-year relationship. In the summer we had a big bust up over his jealousy, during which he punched me in the head and then told me I made him do it.

I moved out for a bit, though I have since moved back in (it's my house, bought with my own money before I even met him) and we were, I thought, working on possibly getting back together. We had an initial counselling session in which he swore blind he would do anything to get us back together again.

However, I have just found a cache of bills which he had been concealing from me. They go back several months, and include tax bills and notifications of county court proceedings, including one against me for an unpaid bill which he had hidden! He claims he has not lied to me (purely because he never said "I am not hiding bills from you") as if deliberately and consistently concealing the real situation from me were not lying.

How can I get myself out of this situation?

What should I do first?

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