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Maintenance agreement when NRP moves abroad (EU).

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kirsty75005 Mon 21-Oct-13 07:32:12

I'm not a lawyer but the following webpage :

has a file on it that contains the Justice Ministry's suggestions for what child maintenance per child should be in a "normal" case. Note that this is a guidance to magistrates, not a rule : magistrates may vary it for individual circumstances (and yours are quite special).

If I've rightly understood, you have only one child and your ex has a "reduced" contact schedule, so on this file they suggest a starting point of maintenance of 18% of (income -483) euros per month.

babybarrister Sun 20-Oct-13 20:54:21

Everything I have read has always led me to believe child maintenance is lower in France - I would advise you take French legal advice

Bonsoir Sun 20-Oct-13 18:30:58

Child support will not necessarily be lower in France. France is bad news for women on divorce but not for DC.

Notsoskinnyminny Sun 20-Oct-13 18:21:36

The REMO process takes a while but I'm glad I stuck with it, even when he started making voluntary payments nothing to do with the threat of his driving licence being revoked for non-payment. My court order states payments continue until the youngest finishes their first degree and after a small hiccup payments have resumed.

babybarrister Fri 18-Oct-13 14:25:58

You need to get on with it ASAP as there is a jurisdictional convention between the UK and France meaning that whoever issues first gets jurisdiction. Maintenance will be a lot lower in France so it is in your interest to get it sorted ....

mumsforjustice Thu 17-Oct-13 20:05:25

The remo units (google REMO or reciprocal enforcement of maintenance orders on websites to get details of your local unti) in the uk can get this enforced through the courts in his country of residency assuming its on the remo list of countries (also on this website and france is included if that's where he is; but most countries have signed up to this international agreement. Check the list also on website). Its also free! Takes a while ie months but that's the legal process.
What an arse btw! Sorry you are in this situation but remo will get you and your kids what's due.
Good luck

SignoraStronza Wed 16-Oct-13 12:16:59

Hello. Wondering if anyone can help. When I escaped my ex and moved back to the UK, we eventually agreed that he would pay a certain amount per month. He eventually moved to the UK and, as expected, csa calculated the amount to almost double what he had been paying. He continued to see dc monthly only, with trips abroad the times a year to visit his parents as he lived the other end of the uk and (add far as I know) was sofa surfing and not in a permanent home.

Now he's off abroad again to a new job in his home country and has unilaterally decided to reduce maintenance by a significant amount, as it would cost him more to see her.

Leaving aside the fact that the tight fisted bastard he would not be starting a new job on less money, is there anything I could do to get his maintenance payment calculated/agreed? Mnrs with experience in French system particularly appreciated.

Am having a right panic now, as things are difficult enough add it is. Obviously he refuses to discuss it or disclose his income.

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