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Car hit us from behind today, insurance company want us to pay excess!

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musicposy Tue 15-Oct-13 21:05:12

This August when we renewed our car insurance we put my 17 yo DD on it and because of that the excess went up to £400 (not to mention the huge increase in cost and the fact that lots of people wouldn't insure us).

Anyway today I had both girls in the car, was waiting at the front of a roundabout, about to pull out when there is a massive bang and we are thrown forward. Just when we are recovering wondering what happened another second bang as the bloke drives into us again, I've no idea how.

Eventually I pulled the car over and got out, the other car was driven by an elderly man who didn't seem to have any clear idea what had happened. He didn't say anything, just got the insurance details from the boot of the car. His car was pretty crumpled at the front but damage to our back bumper is surprisingly minimal, though I am concerned that there may be damage we can't see.

All three of us had dreadful neck pain, I bruised my arm badly and wrenched it somehow, and DD2 could not stop sobbing for about half an hour, she was hysterical. After he drove off I phoned the police because honestly he didn't seem compus mentus enough to be driving and I wanted it recorded that he hit me twice and I felt he was unsafe to drive home and might well injure someone else on the way. We phoned GP as DD2 and I were still in considerable pain an hour later, GP sent us all to A and E. They said it will be fine but we will be in pain for a few days. They were talking about a neck collar for DD2 but decided not necessary in the end.

Anyway, I phoned the insurance, reported it and they said did we want the car looked at. I said yes because I want to make sure there is no unseen damage for one thing.

Garage phoned us and said insurance company have told them we have to pay £400 excess. I said no way and they said we might have to wait weeks or more whilst they decide who is at fault.

WTAF!!! I am sat stationary at a roundabout and someone slams into the back of me, my child is now a sobbing wreck who is too terrified to go in the car and they say I have to pay??? The insurance company did ask did I feel I was at fault at all and I said NO, I was just sat there waiting to pull out and this bloke came from nowhere.

Surely this can't be right? I've had the most awful day and now I'm told I have to fork out £400 on top or risk driving a possibly dangerous car. Please does someone know what to advise?

zipzap Fri 25-Oct-13 16:36:26

Oh and saint - I completely agree with you and think what you say is perfectly logical. Insurance companies on the other hand will use any excuse to extract more cash from us!

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