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Divorce and university costs

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clairedair Wed 25-Sep-13 19:15:46

thanks again for replies - it's useful to hear how others have worked this out. Negotiation has proved difficult in past and it's not going smoothly this time either so I may suggest family mediation.

78bunion Wed 18-Sep-13 21:20:36

Our court order provides that I pay the university costs (I earn more). So that was pretty simple - I pay it all. He pays nothing.

STIDW Wed 18-Sep-13 17:24:23

Parents can of course come to a family based arrangement and agree any amount of CM they feel is appropriate between themselves but your ex-husband would have statutory liability to pay CM for the youngest child at under CSA rules if they are under 18 and in full time non advanced education.

As far as the older children at university is concerned the CSA/Child Maintenance Service has no jurisdiction. Each case is treated separately and the factors to take into account are the financial resources of both parents and the child themselves.

If the children normally live with you the SAAS should calculate their loan against your income leaving you to pay any shortfall in the student loan or benefits in kind such as providing accommodation during the holidays. What you could do is try to negotiate your ex-husband pays something to the children towards their expenses on a pro rata basis.

clairedair Tue 17-Sep-13 20:05:13

Thanks Beamur - we have two kids at uni now and one at home with me (less than one night a week with dad). Fees are paid (phew!) and we had hoped to give them a set amount each year to cover most of the accommodation costs. All living expenses, books, travel, beer (!) etc will have to come from their loans and/or earned income.

I need exH to continue to pay maintenance for the child at home with me but I also want for us both to be able to help out the children at uni and I'm just not sure what the fairest way is to go about this. He has net income about 30% more than I do (before paying any maintenance).

Beamur Tue 17-Sep-13 16:46:28

Ah, Scotland - sorry missed that - different regarding fees there isn't it? Are student loans available for living expenses?

Beamur Tue 17-Sep-13 16:45:45

Is the person going to University applying for a student loan? If so, that will pay fees and should also cover rent.
My SC's are both at Uni this year. Their loans pay fees and rent, and DP and their Mum both pay an agreed amount towards their other living expenses. Mum pays about 50% more than us as she is a higher earner, but it gives the kids enough to feed themselves and have a modicum of a social life. If they want more than that they're quite able to look for part time work. We reckon the amount we pay per month towards living costs is roughly equal to what we would spend on food etc if they were at home. Our water bills got smaller when DSS left last year! grin

clairedair Tue 17-Sep-13 16:40:15


does anyone have suggestions for how to co-contribute to university costs after separation/divorce?

In Scotland, the non-resident parent has to pay child maintenance but we've nothing in our Minute of Agreement about university and now we are in the position where we need to pay for this. I was wondering about suggesting that we each pay a proportion of our net income into account for child(ren) at uni. That raised the question of whether it's ex-husband's net income after he pays maintenance or before.

He would rather pay most of maintenance into an account for uni but I can't then cover day-to-day costs for child at home.

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