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Applying for Decree Nisi - 9 days?

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smokinaces Thu 29-Aug-13 12:20:44

Received my form to apply for my decree nisi today - with a copy of an uncontested statement from the stbxh.

They state they recieved it on 21/08/13. It says I need to wait 9 days before filing my application (grrr) - so would tomorrow being the 30th be 9 days, or do I have to wait until the court opens Monday?

Also, I ticked the 2 year separation on the original papers (he left 2009) but theyve (the county court) sent me desertion paperwork (I did write that he left in 2009 unexpectedly and never returned which is true) - is this right? or should I download the other version from the web? Am doing this all without solicitors.


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