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Help my mum please

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Undecidedmare Thu 29-Aug-13 10:12:51

Hi, my elderly disabled mum decided to buy herself a new wheelchair while I was away and not tell me. As soon as I saw the wheelchair I told her it wasn't suitable as she struggles to get in in and out of it safely but she was adamant it was fine.
Now, two months later she admits it is not right for her.
I have since discovered some issues regarding this purchase that make me uncomfortable but as I wasn't there I can't get to the bottom of it and my mom gets very confused so is'nt really helpful. I'll explain:
Wheelchair Company "A" come out and show her a wheelchair she agrees to buy, she signs and they go away and order it for her.
Coincidentally, company "B" cold call her about a wheelchair and she thinks its company"A" and agrees to them visiting her. They arrive with a wheelchair to demonstrate and she thinks its the one she ordered so gives them the cash for it.
She only realises her mistake when company"a" ring about delivering their wheelchair.
Also all the paper work from company "A" disappeared after company "B" had been at the house but obviously I can't prove they took it.
I've rung company ?"b" and they won't give her the money back as they said if she's that confused, I would have power of attorney and that she seemed very happy with it for the last two months but as a good will gesture they will swop it for something more suitable at no extra cost!
Ideally I'd like to get her money back and buy one myself but don't know where I stand.
Can anyone help, thanks in advance

LIZS Thu 29-Aug-13 10:18:13

Go straight to Trading Standards or call 101 for advice. I doubt it is only her who has been scammed and she must have found the details for company A from somewhere for them to come out and B was clearly unsolicited.

RedHelenB Mon 02-Sep-13 13:47:34

Would it be worth letting them swap it for something more suitable? You can't prove that they knew anything at all about company A if your mother is confused as you say she is?

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