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Stbxh on a spending spree - advice please!

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RedHelenB Mon 02-Sep-13 13:43:25

Ring CSA now get 2o% of his net wage as child maintenance payments. On that amount of money & with your children being under school age he will have to give you some spousal maintenance on top as well. Is he self employed btw?

Wuldric Thu 29-Aug-13 00:18:12

This is, sadly, very typical behaviour. It is very well known for about-to-be divorcees to spend their savings, enter into large financial commitments (I know a chap who entered into a lease on an Aston Martin) simply to try to avoid or reduce maintenance payments. Don't stress yourself about it, it will show up, and it will reflect badly.

prh47bridge Thu 29-Aug-13 00:14:34

If he is spending money to try and reduce the amount he has to pay to you the court is likely to order that you get a higher proportion of the remaining assets.

Bluebridgemummy Wed 28-Aug-13 22:13:14

Hoping someone can offer some advice...

I have been separated from my husband for the last 3 months, divorce papers have been served and we are both in the process of completing Form E. I gave up my well paid job to raise our children (1 and 3) and since we separated my husband has cut me off financially. We never had a joint bank account as I was keen to maintain some financial independence which meant he previously paid me an allowance each month. Since this has stopped I am having to live off savings which are in my name as i literally have no income.

My husband earns in excess of £200k per year but claims he can't afford anything I ask him to contribute to associated with the children. He has refused to pay for my elder son's autumn private school fees and even to contribute towards his school uniform costs. Despite saying he can't afford to pay for anything, he seems quite comfortable spending money on himself, over the last few weeks he appears to have spend around £70k (new car, 2 week holiday to Sri Lanka, just got back today from a few days in Ibiza where he spent £500 in one bar etc etc). Infuriating yes but I am trying hard to take the higher moral ground!

My solicitor says 'don't worry it'll come out in the Form E' but I'm not really sure what that means because surely if its spent, it's spent!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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