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pricing error

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iloveholidays Thu 22-Aug-13 17:46:07

there was recently a post on the Christmas bargain thread about a vtech robot being on sale for £13. A lot of us has made the purchase however it has since come to light that it was a pricing error.

They are now phoning round saying they won't honour the price. so do we have a leg to stand on?

some people have received theirs at the reduced price and others have received order acknowledgements saying we'll receive when back in Stock on 29th. The people who have received the robots have not had any further emails. also money has been taken out of our accounts.

One mumsnetter has been online and believes that as they haven't sent any further confirmations and have delivered to some at the reduced price then they have given us the understanding that we are in a contract.

any advice out there?


lazzaroo Thu 05-Sep-13 12:06:41

They have honoured the orders and today is the day that robots are being delivered across the country!

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