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Anal Quirks

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BeyonceCastle Sat 20-Jul-13 03:42:31


[walks away from thread still disappointed as to its content]


BeyonceCastle Sat 20-Jul-13 03:41:10

I get very upset when on film posters the actors' names above/below the photos do not match.
I also hate tv chanels playing seasonal eoisodes at the wrong time of year eg valentine's day in June, a xmas episode in August etc

Is that anal enough for you? wink

I honestly thought as this was in legal it was going to be some kind of fifty shades contract with butt plugs etc filthy mind

ForSaletotheHighestBidder Sat 20-Jul-13 02:35:31


ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 20-Jul-13 02:29:05

That is a very strange thread title and topic placement.


frutilla Sat 20-Jul-13 02:23:50

I re-pop unpopped popcorn kernels, just can't bear to throw them away. It's not about waste, more something to do with them being unfulfilled. I think they taste good twice-popped too.
What are your anal quirks that others tease you about?

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