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have they breached data protection act?

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therewearethen Thu 18-Jul-13 12:43:39

Trying to be brief, had debts, got a DRO, debts get written off after a year (this was in 2012, so have been written off)

One creditor had past debt onto debt collector.

This creditor wrote to me a few times at old address and also e-mailed with requests for money.

They have now written to me at my mothers address (not lived there in at least 10yrs), in these letters it basically says if this is not therewearethen, do you know where she is, she has lived at: 123, some st, some place.

Is this a breach of data protection? I have since moved but I'm wondering if they have written to my mothers address if they have written to my other old addresses stating my address!?

Hope I made some sense!

prh47bridge Thu 18-Jul-13 14:16:00

No they haven't.

Personal data is exempt from non-disclosure if the disclosure is necessary for or in connection with legal proceedings (including prospective proceedings) or is necessary for establishing, exercising or defending legal rights. The creditor may be in breach of your DRO (assuming they are aware of it and their debt was one of those listed) but not the DPA.

therewearethen Thu 18-Jul-13 14:31:45

Thanks, it was definitely included, I've double and triple checked all my paperwork!

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