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Security deposit on holiday villa not returned.

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vjg13 Thu 18-Jul-13 14:47:13

She has sent pictures! The stain on the bedroom chair is very clear but we did not cause it. We never even sat on the chair. Just put clothes on it in the bedroom. The bathroom stain picture is very unclear.

Their address is a po box in Kenya! They are just trying it on, I agree. Homeaway have said they will contact them but I don't expect much joy there.

mumblechum1 Thu 18-Jul-13 01:11:19

Sounds like she's trying it on. Ask for photographic evidence within 7 days failing which you will take action for the immediate return of your money.

Surely any stain near a bathroom sink is likely to be on a tiled surface, so very easy to wipe off???

vjg13 Wed 17-Jul-13 22:19:25

Booked a villa through Contacted the owner today 5 weeks after returning from the holiday as I noticed from the bank statement that the security deposit had not been returned.

She replied saying she had emailed me (she hadn't) and claiming a chair was stained during our visit and there is a stain near the bathroom sink. She was still waiting to see how much the repairs will be. I totally dispute that we did these things and wonder how to proceed from here. We rent 3 properties each year and have never had this type of issue.

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