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Employer disappeared

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gallicgirl Tue 16-Jul-13 18:21:53

Can he find the car and clamp it or seize it?

debsdoodaa Tue 16-Jul-13 18:17:07

Thanks Chaffinch. It is desperate times. The money will be bloody useful and I refuse to do that signing on thing. Partner is keeping me at the moment but its really tough. The worst is loosing my independence. I have some big decisions to make and they all involve money somewhere. Meanwhile, my employer (ex) swans around in a brand new car (personally owned not via the company), probably still goes out high flying and buying designer clothes. The judge was 100% on my side but it cost me to get the judgement, cost me more to enforce it and now nothing - not a bloody bean. The debt enforcement agency seem to be sympathetic but surely there are people who know how to get money off these fraudsters? They sold all the stock, vehicles, assets, everything and pocketed all the money.

ChocChaffinch Tue 16-Jul-13 10:52:45

oh lord. don't know what else you can try, someone else may have some ideas though

debsdoodaa Mon 15-Jul-13 15:08:06

Hi hope someone can help. My employers "disappeared" last October without paying me or other staff. It was a Limited company which is still showing at Companies House. I went thru the legals to a Tribunal (employer never attended or defended) and was awarded the full value. I paid my £50 to Fastrack this through the Court and secure some of the money back. Long story is the debt agency have now been in touch to say they cannot get in contact with the employer despite visiting the apartment and are asking for my instructions on what to do next. Private property of the employer was used to secure capital to the company. They have not investigated this although it was on my Court application. Is it relevant? What instructions can I now give them to get some money back? Help would be so appreciated. In all, they owe me a huge sum of money and I have now been out of work for 8 months as they wouldn't even respond to me to provide a reference. HELP!

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