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Misplaced Trust

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tobethatis Mon 15-Jul-13 18:58:26

yes I do have access thanks

Kiriwawa Mon 15-Jul-13 04:42:21

I would make sure you have your children's passports (and your own) with you at all times.

And yes, embassy in the morning. If you do need to leave the country quickly, do you have access to funds?

tobethatis Mon 15-Jul-13 03:01:46

I will leave the country if need be

tobethatis Mon 15-Jul-13 02:58:51

thank you

MyHumpsMyLovelyBabyBumps Mon 15-Jul-13 02:51:31

I think you need to call your embassy and get legal advice in country you're in.

Good luck to you, that's a horrible situation to be in

tobethatis Mon 15-Jul-13 02:49:39

Please can anyone give me some advice about this situation. A year ago I moved to my husbands country. Now the marriage has fell apart and he is threatening to take me to court if I return to my home country with the 2 young children. This I foolishly never envisaged.

Bit of background. Married 5 years. Abroad one year. I never intended to move here permanently. I agreed on a few years and now plan on moving back next year, after 2 years. Having been here just one year I believe he has no intention of ever moving back. Naturally, I feel deceived. If he does it will be in perhaps ten years owing to family commitments here. There are only two children, both under 5. They attend school here but only preschool. There are issues of safety ie kidnapping etc. so I work during their school hours only. We have no joint assets. One house here and one house in the home country, both in his name.

Please can you advise me. This has turned into a nightmare.

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