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Concerned for mine and my children's safety

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sandiy Mon 27-May-13 10:14:56

Can someone please advice Acouple of days ago I phoned my ex to ask for help towards paying for a residential trip for my son.He pays CSA minimum so I don t feel I'm being unreasonable.
His girlfriend when completely mental in the background screaming at me and generally being unpleasant intimidating and if I m honest a bit scary.
I'm now worried about my children when they are in their dads care as he did nothing to stop her from behaving that way what if she goes at them they would be terrified.Im also a bit afraid for me when he picks up and drops off the children.Do you think that I am being unreasonable if I refuse for them to come to my house? I m thinking it may be better to exchange somewhere public like a CCTV car park or something.Im planning on seeing a solicitor ASAP after the bank holiday truth be told I would rather that they did nt go at all but they assure me she has always been nice to them and I don t want to destroy the relationship between my children and their dad any advice

Selba Mon 27-May-13 10:29:13

Are you afraid of the girlfriend ? Is it her that you don't want near you?
Are you able to get your ex on his own and calmly discuss your concerns over the incident ?

sandiy Mon 27-May-13 11:37:31

I'm afraid of the girlfriends behaviour what if she kicked off in the house.Ive deliberately avoided any contact with her because I was nt sure that I could hold my temper after all that's been done.But I would never seek any sort of screaming match or aggressive behaviour near the children.Also what if she attacked me there would be no witnesses I'm a nurse any sort of violence could end up with me being struck off the register.Finally why should I have to tolerate this sort of abuse. I would prefer to avoid any chance of it happening so think that a public place may be safer. My rationale for this is because I think ex was attempting to get us to meet this drop off by forcing me to bring the children to his flat.I just don t know what is safest and least harmful for the children the thought of becoming a parent who is forced to exchange children in a car park makes me feel sad but I can t think of an alternative

Selba Mon 27-May-13 13:30:48

can you get your ex on his own and discuss your concerns that his GF is acting in a way which causes you to be alarmed?

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