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Child Contact

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MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Wed 22-May-13 15:57:48

After a really rough time with the exP, and doing a pregnancy all alone ive finally had enough. We go for periods of no contact such as 8 weeks, then 12 hours notice for a visit. I get verbally, mentally and emotionally abused. Its caused physological damage, and im having counselling and cbt as well as medication to enable me to get on with my life.
It affects my oarenting skills and after the latest episode I had decided upon a solicitors advice the only way forward is to go through the courts. Yes, he has aranged mediation in the past but after our initial seperate assesments he refused mediation and threatens me with court.
Ive offered a contact centre, (opens only at times he cannot do in our county), hes a 2.5 hour drive away, they expect me to drive it. They expect me to let an 8 month old go overnight with strangers.
Its getting ridiculous. Due to the cuts in legal aid, i am going to have to represent myself, i have alot of evidence. A solicitor feels i will be fine representing myself and that courts now allow for this due to legal aid changes.
Im submitting my papers tommorow, dropping them in. Im bricking it, but i do know im doing the right thing for my daughter.
I do however want to be as fully informed as i can, mumsnet has been invaluable to me. Im looking to see if any of you may have any tips, suggestions, information to guide me?
Particularlly any books on family law that may be of interest to me.
Thank you for your time,


STIDW Wed 22-May-13 16:29:10

Try "Family Courts Without a Lawyer" by barrister Lucy Reed which is available in both book and electronic formats I believe from Amazon.

MrsBertBibby Sat 25-May-13 09:56:02

That sounds very rough OP. Don't forget, if his behaviour towards you continues, and warning letters etc don't stop it, or it tips over into physical violence, you can still get legal aid to get a non molestation order against him. Legal aid for a non molestation order is available to everyone, regardless of income/capital (but may be subject to contribution) as long as they have a proper case.

If you have a non molestation order, or have had one in the last 2 years, or if there's other evidence of DV in the last 2 years such as a caution, a conviction (of him in relation to you) or similar, you can still get legal aid for children act proceedings if you are financially eligible.

If your GP HV or Midwife believes that you are suffering from a condition (including a psychological condition) as a result of DV (which sounds like exactly the case) then you almost certainly will get legal aid.

I really think if your financial circumstances are in scope, you ought to be able to get funding. Please call a legal aid solicitor, there still should be help out there for you.

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