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dad trying to get contact after 4 year

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danniwelch21 Sun 19-May-13 01:35:38

dad was in prison when my son was born got out when he was 9 month gave him a chance but supervision by granddad with in weeks came back high on drugs and granddad kick him out, then a few weeks later took my son and wouldn't give him back till a few hours later. I reported it to the police but there was no court order so couldn't do anything, after that I told granddad not to let farther of my son near him then 1 year later my son came home and said I didn't love him, his baby sister wasn't his sister and started hitting her and said my daddy is going to hit you and take me away, after that I stopped all contact with granddad. now I have a court order where farther wants contact and I want to fight it so he can never see him again. I have finally getting my son to realise I do love him and his behaviour has calmed down. I missed legal aid but he has it so very worried what will happen. need any help or information to protect my son.

danniwelch21 Sun 19-May-13 01:43:17

only posting for advise not looking for real legal advise, I cant afford a lawyer so next best thing is other mothers advise.

cestlavielife Mon 20-May-13 15:04:27

offer supervised contact in a conctact centre only

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