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Advice from Legal Experts Gratefully Received

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LivingThings Wed 15-May-13 23:04:10


I left some money on client account with a purchasers solicitor (property sale) the terms were clear and all bills had to be presented by 1 july 2012 and all remaining monies should have been returned to me by 31 dec 2012.

There is £240 which they are holding on to based on a quote dated august 2012.

I have disputed this - solicitor saying they have to talk to client and then ignoring me.

This has gone on for a year now and I am getting nowhere.

Can i complain to the Law Society or the Ombudsman re unprofessional conduct (as it is my buyers solicitor not mine) or do i have to resort to Small Claims Court. And is it worth it for around £240.

Many thanks for any advice

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