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my world has fallen apart

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Emz8369 Wed 08-May-13 19:15:56

I had to call the police last night and report my dad as my daughter told her aunty that he has been abusing her, i just feel so lost right now and don't know what to do, think, feel or say.

Star8369 Sat 10-May-14 19:30:58

omg the police have been to see me today and have told me that when he was being interviewed for the pre sentencing report he asked what would happen if he admitted to what he did to me shock

ohldoneedtogetagrip Tue 08-Apr-14 19:43:56

I am glad he finally saw sense and admitted his guilt. Saves a whole lot of stress and hassle for everyone.
I hope they throw the book at him and a very heavy one at that

PeterParkerSays Tue 08-Apr-14 15:58:18

I don't think congratulations is the right word Star, but you know what I mean.

Your DD has got justice, as has your DSis.

Star8369 Tue 08-Apr-14 15:47:33

it was brilliant news my sisters scan went well baby is fine

Clutterbugsmum Tue 08-Apr-14 15:45:54

That's good. Especially that your dd won't have to go to court.

Hope your sister scan went ok.

Star8369 Tue 08-Apr-14 15:20:51

have just been on phone to police and he pleaded guilty on all charges! !! smile smile

Star8369 Mon 07-Apr-14 21:29:03

have looked online at the court listings and he is up at 10 am tomorrow which is the same time my sister has to go for her first scan and I am going with her so will have something to take my mind off things

ohldoneedtogetagrip Sat 05-Apr-14 15:57:34

nearly there flowers

RalphLaurenLover Thu 03-Apr-14 17:40:22

Thinking of you! thanks

Star8369 Thu 03-Apr-14 16:21:50

well 5 days to go

Star8369 Thu 13-Mar-14 20:18:52

just an update he is currently on remand for breaking his bail conditions and has to appear in court on the 8th of April and enter a plea so hopefully he will plead guilty but if he doesn't we have to go to court

sykadelic15 Wed 01-Jan-14 23:28:20

Excellent news!! Stay strong smile

Emz8369 Mon 30-Dec-13 18:21:09

Good news! The police have been in touch and he will be charged the next time he answers bail 6 charges relating to my daughter and 7 relating to my sister

Emz8369 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:31:01

utterly crap day today found out my grandma (paternal side) had a mild heart attack and has to go to hospital tomorrow for tests and its times like these that a normal family would all pull together sad

AlbertaCampion Thu 27-Jun-13 21:32:51

*oops sorry, crossed threads

AlbertaCampion Thu 27-Jun-13 21:31:56


Emz8369 Thu 27-Jun-13 21:29:45

thanks ParsingFancy I had a good cry and then took myself to bed early

ParsingFancy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:56:04

Hope you got through yesterday OK, Emz.

Emz8369 Wed 26-Jun-13 07:54:00

well today is his birthday and it feels like it is someone's birthday after they have died if you get what I mean

mumof5plusazoo Mon 24-Jun-13 20:41:47

Hi Emz,
I have only just seen this and have read through. I would like to say that you are amazing, I'm so sorry for what you and your daughter have and are going through.
Stay strong take everything a day at a time.
Feel free to pm me if you want/need a chat.
Take care

Emz8369 Mon 24-Jun-13 16:17:17

I am just going to keep this one open so dont have to explain things to people all over again

ParsingFancy Wed 12-Jun-13 11:41:05

Oh that's good news. Will be thinking of you then.

BTW, do you think you'd like to start a thread in Relationships or Chat, where more people with helpful experience will see it?

It seems quite quiet here in Legal: many MNers don't read the whole site. I'm happy to keep chatting here, but I don't know much and am very boring!

Emz8369 Wed 12-Jun-13 11:00:53

well I have just had police woman on the phone who said she is sending the evidence to cps at the end of this week and that she thinks we have a strong case evidence wise, not getting my hopes up though just in case

Emz8369 Wed 12-Jun-13 07:52:01

we ( daughter and I ) have had a talk this morning and I have told her that it was wrong of her to not ask my permission and that until I can trust her again she is not allowed to go play in the street and that if she sees this guy walking the dog and wishes to go she has to ask me for permission

ParsingFancy Tue 11-Jun-13 22:15:21

Oh that's a good thing to do. Or drop him a wee card or bunch of flowers, if you're rather not wait to see him in person.

But do keep looking after you, won't you? In the scale of stuff you're dealing with, yelling is pretty small beer.

((( Emz )))

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