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social services advice

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samandkat Tue 07-May-13 18:50:00

To make a long story short ...
My sister has just had a baby but the farther is abusive to both mother and child

My sister moved out to her dads house with the baby but social services got involved due to the violence

Now child is in foster care and social services are some what forcing my sister to stay with abusive ex boyfriend until she gets her own place

Im sure this is not right some advice needed

DameFanny Tue 07-May-13 18:51:13

Social services aren't forcing her to stay with him - she can make her own choices.

UnChartered Tue 07-May-13 18:55:30

i'm also confused how you say your sister has moved to her own father's house, but she is being forced to stay with her violent DP?

samandkat Thu 09-May-13 03:57:08

What u ment was she did move to her dads but the social care told her she had to move back with her ex in order to sort things out but she dont want anything to do wirh him

Roshbegosh Thu 09-May-13 04:01:36

No they didn't. The child will be in care until she leaves the violent man most likely.

Tortoiseontheeggshell Thu 09-May-13 05:29:30

I am 100% that social services did not tell her that she had to move back in with a violent partner "to sort things out", especially since it was serious enough that the poor child is in foster care. Your sister is not telling you the truth, or she's getting incredibly bad advice from a third party.

If your sister had stayed at her Dad's, then SS wouldn't have needed to remove the child, would they? They've done so only because she's decided to live with the partner again.

IHateSafeStyle Thu 09-May-13 05:46:10

There is no way they've taken the baby away and then told her she has to go back to him to sort it out

WhoWhatWhereWhen Thu 09-May-13 05:49:53

Your sister need to get a solicitor, she'll get legal aid if she's not working.

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