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Manufacturer's warranty

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Kerfuffled Tue 23-Apr-13 19:49:27

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas from DP. Last week it stopped working. I contacted the manufacturer and the person I spoke to was very helpful and arranged for it to be collected. It arrived back today and it isn't the same machine. It's the same model but says on the back that it has been refurbished. Can they do this? Shouldn't I have had my machine back repaired or if it couldn't be repaired then a brand new one? Had my machine been older then I probably wouldn't have been as bothered but it was only 3 months old and hadn't had a great deal of use. The model I have has been out at least since 2010 so in theory the replacement I have received could be this old. Please can anyone give me any advice before I get in touch with them?

LalyRawr Tue 23-Apr-13 19:51:49

I think under manufacturer warranty they need to provide you with an item that is fit for purpose.

So they can repair your one, or give you a new one, or give you a refurbed one as long as it is fit for purpose.

prh47bridge Tue 23-Apr-13 22:23:42

Legally your rights are against the shop from which your DP purchased the sewing machine. The manufacturer's guarantee is separate. If the terms of their guarantee say they can give you a refurbished machine then they are entitled to do so.

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