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Insurance refusing to give me proof of No Claims Bonus

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NirvannahCrane Mon 22-Apr-13 18:52:02

Ok, can anyone answer me this?

I have just bought a new car (well, new to me) and the insurance company (More Than) who insured my previous vehicle quoted me a ridiculous price to insure the new one so I have cancelled that policy with about three months to go before the year is up (as it wasn't worth paying the difference to change the car on the policy).

I have requested that they send me my proof of no claims bonus and they have told me that they cannot do this as I have cancelled the policy before the year is up.

I explained to them that I am NOT expecting them to give me another years no claims but I sent them proof of nine years no claims bonus when I took out their policy and they have it on record that I have not claimed on my insurance in the nine months I have had it with their company.

Therefore they must surely have to send me something to say that I still have nine years no claims? Am I right here? They told me to go back to the company that I was with before them and request it from them, but they will have no proof that I haven't claimed in the nine months since I left them, surely!

Are More Than dicking me about? Are they wrong? Can they refuse to send me proof of the no claims bonus I am still entitled to?

Someone please tell me who's right here as I now have three and a bit weeks to get this no claims proof to my new insurance company.


Boomboomboomboom Mon 22-Apr-13 20:39:43

Speak to your new company - they should be able to contact More Than directly and persuade them to send you proof of the No Claims Proof.

I had a problem recently with VW insurance and my new company were brilliant when I called them and explained my problems.

Unless it expressly says in your contract that they will not provide proof of NCD accrued if you cancel early (which is highly unlike and probably unfair anyway) they should provide your proof and if you have a google you could threaten them with a complaint to the Financial ombudsman Ombudsman for mal administration of your policy.

Repeatedlydoingthetwist Tue 23-Apr-13 01:17:23

It depends on whether MT requested proof of NCD when you went to them. If they didn't they may be correct as technically they have never had any proof from you of your no claims, so they cannot prove conclusively that you have had no claims in the 9 years prior to you joining them.
However if they did then they have to send you the 9 years. The 9 months is immaterial as no insurer will take that into account anyway. All you'd need to do is explain to your new insurer why there's a 9 month gap after the end date of the last policy.

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