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nhs suing

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madeit Sun 21-Apr-13 21:09:02

I am in the throes of seeking recognition and justice following negligent treatment by the NHS. I firstly made a complaint to PALS, later met with relevant members of the Trust and have now secured the services of a legal firm with an excellent reputation in medical negligence. My situation was and is extremely serious and the repercussions of the alleged negligence have been life changing and devastating.
I am not in a position were I am able to spell out exactly what happened for legal reasons. I am writing because I would like to make contact with others who may have had experience either directly or indirectly with the NHS and negligence. It is a very isolating experience.
My meeting with member's of the Trust was perhaps one of the most sobering experiences I have ever had. I sat through a lengthy, grueling meeting in which clinicians who had treated me sat in front of me and denied, what I have no doubt at all was true. I am not naive and didn't expect surgeons etc to own up, but neither did I expect people to look me in the eye and lie.
I made a complaint to the Health Ombudsman. Only one medical opinion was sought. The opinion was not by a person with relevant or specialised medical knowledge in the area of concern. I am fortunate in having the the contacts and educational background to enable my conplaint to be taken on my a good law firm. I would not be able to pay for it otherwise. I had to spend hours researching my condition and indirectly seeking the opinions of specialists. Had they had an inkling of my intentions to sue the hospital I quite simply would not have had enough information to get the lawfirm to take my case.
It is a frightening and disturbing situation when a person has to be deceitful and underhand in order to get enough information about alleged negligence to secure a good lawyer on a no win no fee basis. My experience is that doctors, surgeons specialist just close ranks.
Recompense for the alleged negligence is not my aim, I am seeking justice , truth and strategies put in place so that what happpened to me is not repeated. The process is confronting. To have your medical information and the tradegy associated with your treatment in a public forum is sad and tough.
The process is however empowering and to have come this far has been hard but has been of huge achievement psychologically.

Maisycat Mon 22-Apr-13 20:50:27

Please join / contact AVMA

When my family were going through something similar they were excellent, someone to talk to and they understood what we were going through. They can also put you in touch with people in a similar situation.

madeit Tue 23-Apr-13 21:20:53

Thanks will look into it.

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