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'D'H has left please help me with questions for the solicitor

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2anddone Thu 18-Apr-13 10:22:55

My husband has walked out on myself and the dc (aged 4 and 7). He says there is noone else hmm. I suggested last night that we sort out days for him to have the children so that they can get into a routine as at the moment he is turning up randomly whenever he feel like it and then the children are asking can he stay for tea and to put them to bed, which he does! When I suggested this he got really nasty and said that if I am going to restrict access and he can't turn up whenever he wants then best we talk money as he is not willing to pay for anything more than neccessary if I wont let him do what he wants. I went on the maintenance calculator and according to that I am eligible to claim £65 per week. I have booked a free 30 minute meeting with a solicitor on Monday, what questions should I ask her? Also would £65 per week be all the financial help I could get bearing in mind I am a full time student and sahm. We have a mortgage and all the bits that go along with owning your own home, I really can't afford to support myself and the dc alone sad. Thanks for any advice you may have x

familylawyerlouise Thu 18-Apr-13 15:52:42

You can ask the solicitor to help you put together a propsal for a routine for contact which is convenient for you. the children and him. It is not good for any of you if he continues to turn up whenever he lifes. The solicitor can also talk to you about whether or not using a mediator to discuss matters would be suitable in your case. Speak to the CAB about whether or not you're entitled to any other benefits. You may be able to speak to your mortgage provider to negotiate temporary lower payments whilst you get yourself sorted out.

MrsBertBibby Fri 19-Apr-13 19:09:15

If your youngest is 4, you should be able to get Income Support (including help with the mortgage) unless you have lots of savings. Call the DWP to start the process.

Also Child Tax Credit (if you already get those, you need to tell them he's left anyway.)

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