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How can i stop my upstairs neighbours not to jumping and dragging things after 10pm?

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mailme100 Wed 17-Apr-13 16:47:50

Can any body help me regarding this matter how can i stop them to making horrible noises after 10pm? We both parents working with two kids and everybody needs to sleep well atleast at night(obviouslyconfused).I spoke to my neighbours two times in a very polite way that at night time we can hear loud noises from you and once we wake up its very hard for us to sleep again but they never took any notice.Last night at 11:45 i taped my ceiling with the broom to let them know to stop jumping and dragging things but after that they started making more weird noises.... Really I need help if someone know which way i should adopt please?

Itsjustapuppet Thu 18-Apr-13 09:41:20

We have recently had problems with our downstairs neighbours playing music all night, everynight. It nearly broke me I was so exhausted. The best thing we did was get in touch with our council noise/ anti social behaviour team. They got in touch with the police, who confirmed the noise and were round the next day to give him a warning. Not a peep since. They would be your best bet I think.

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