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Nursery not returning deposit

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ScariestFairyByFar Mon 15-Apr-13 13:34:09

My dd moved nursery this month nursery owner told me I'd receive deposit back on last day, when I collected dd on last day there was no deposit and no sign of owner or manager. Staff said cheque would be in the post. This was the last Wednesday of march. Emailed her last week to find out what was happening she said cheque had been posted on the 30th and she had proof of postage. She would have had to pass my house to get to post office and is refusing to send me the proof of postage and saying Ill have to wait till the 20th to get another cheque sent out as Royal Mail say it can take 20 days for mail to come through. Where do I stand legally? Can I add interest?

whatsleep Sun 21-Apr-13 09:13:28

Surely she could cancel the first cheque and write a new one which you could offer to pick up in person. Sounds like she is just playing for time. If she posted the cheque on yor dds last day surely that is more than 20 days ago which she stipulates is the time Royal Mail give as being reasonable? I would write a snotty letter and send by recorded delivery outlining the fact that the refund was not given as promised on you dds last day and the fact that the cheque seems to have got lost in the post is not really your problem. I would state that you expect a replacement cheque to be either hand delivered or sent by special delivery to reach you by (date) or you will have no choice but to raise a claim against them in the small claims court. Hopefully a sternly worded letter will push them into action!

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