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Neighbour is harassing my tenant

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CoolCadbury Fri 12-Apr-13 21:22:03

I used to live in the property before I put it on the rental market. The neighbour was a nuisance when we lived there. He used to come round as soon as we got home and complain about this that and the other (inc. we parked in his spot on the road, that we needed to get rid of the bird bath as it attracted rats, the workmen were swearing and had the window open). It was endless so my partner had words with him and he pretty much stopped.

So we have a lovely tenant in there now. Young woman living on her own. He's been harassing her similarly and she thinks that he has caused damage to our adjoining garden fence as well. It's a pretty old fence and the high winds in January made it lean over a bit, which was fixed. But since then, the damage has been extensive and she thinks he waits until she goes out to cause the damage. Bits of the fence on the lawn and the whole thing has fallen apart.

Anyway, I contacted the police and they said yes, it sounded like harassment and the tenant needs to speak to them to report it herself. I'm not sure if she will, which I perfectly understand but I will encourage her to.

My questions though is if she doesn't report it, is there anything I can do?

RedHelenB Sat 13-Apr-13 08:22:55

Old fences disintegrate really quickly so maybe it needs replacing? Not sure that escalating things will make much difference unless you have prove he is destroying it?

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