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DDA query - flat access at work

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YBR Wed 10-Apr-13 08:22:05

This doesn't affect me directly but I think it hasn't been considered. Does anyone know whether the DDA would have an impact?

The situation: The building I work in has been purchased by a new free school to start this year although my company have a tennancy for the next 2 years. It appears that we are not going to move out early and arrangements are being made to share the building.
In order to separate us (offices) from the school certian doors are going to be locked and partitians built. As a result the level/ramped accesses to the building will all be on the school side, as will all the (working) lifts. There are 3 steps up into the remaining entrance, 2 via the remaining fire escape (ground floor) plus we'll have half the first floor. It would not be reasonably practicable to put a ramp in as it would block the pavement.

Currently I am not aware of anyone who will be directly affected, but withdrawing provision is bad anyway, isn't it?

Redcliff Mon 15-Apr-13 21:43:24

Unless the bit of your building needs to be accessed by someone who needs a ramp I can't see it being an issue.


FryOneFatManic Mon 15-Apr-13 23:08:46

Would it be possible to make arrangements with the school to allow specific access for people who need it, on an individual basis? To use the ramps and lifts, in the event they are required? EG via a door that is locked but unlocked specially to let someone through? That may be all that's needed.

starfishmummy Mon 15-Apr-13 23:28:46

I agree with Fry. They just need to make reasonable arrangements and making arrangements to o through the school would be a reasonable adjustment

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