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Transport for London penalty

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ArmyOfPenguins Wed 03-Apr-13 14:09:44

Hi, I hope this isn't too trivial a thing to ask advice for.

In February I was told by a ticket inspector on the bus that I didn't have the correct ID for my oyster card (I have half price travel and had left my photo card at home), and asked for my details saying I would have to pay a penalty. He then phoned whoever it is they phone and gave them my details. He didn't give me anything before I got off at my stop.

I was intending to appeal the decision as my photo is on my actual oyster card as well, so it's obviously mine. However, I received nothing in the post and assumed that I hadn't been issued a penalty after all - especially as I received nothing from the inspector after he made his phone call.

Then a month later I got a letter from IRCAS saying that Transport for London had given me a Penalty Fare Notice and that as I had not appealed within 21 days or payed the reduced sum of £40, I have forfeited any right to appeal and have to pay £80.

I wrote telling them that I didn't receive a PFN or anything from the inspector. They are telling me that I did. I asked them for proof of posting and they said it's not their responsibility to get it because it was sent from Transport for London.

Except I didn't get anything.

It seems so unfair to have to pay £80 when I would have happily paid £40 had my appeal failed - if I had the chance to appeal!

Please advise.

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