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relationship breakdown during pregnancy- access to baby?

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honey86 Wed 03-Apr-13 11:49:15

ive just split with my partner due to his nasty controlling behaviour, but im nearly 10 weeks pregnant. abortion is not an option i couldnt do it unless for serious medical reasons.
personally id like to carry on just me and baby cos his mental health isnt brilliant, hes a very angry, jealous bloke. hes not allowed contact with his previous child for the same reason.

he wants to be involved with the baby but also wants me back, to which i dont want. im worried about how hell react to that. but does anyone know the legalities of contact and parental responsability ?

hes bragged to me before that he can just take his child and go abroad and cos he has pr that theres nothing his ex could do to stop him. this is playing on my mind big time, as i think given the chance he would do such a thing. could he get away with that?


fubbsy Wed 03-Apr-13 12:02:12

As you say 'partner' I assume you are not married. If so, he will not have parental responsibility unless either he goes with you to register the birth and is named on the birth certificate or he makes an application to the court for pr and the court grant it.

He is making threats to kidnap the child in order to further abuse and control you. Whether he is deliberately lying to you or just doesn't know what he is talking about, I obviously can't say, but please ignore him.

prh47bridge Wed 03-Apr-13 13:10:42

As fubbsy says, if you are not married the only way he can get PR without your consent is by court order. If you are married he will get PR automatically.

Even if he has PR he cannot just take your child and go abroad. In the absence of any relevant court orders it is a criminal offence to take a child out of the country unless you have the consent of everyone with PR. That means he would need your consent.

You do not have to allow him any contact with your child regardless of whether or not he has PR. If you refuse he will have to apply to court for a contact order.

honey86 Wed 03-Apr-13 14:06:20

do you know if the same would apply as within the uk... for example, if he refused to hand back the child after contact.

yes we are unmarried (thank god i didnt rush into that too)

sorry if i sound ott, he just isnt a very mentally sound bloke so im trying to weigh up the options and back myself up if he gets nasty again.
his ex claims he was violent (although i cant say for sure as i werent there, i havent heard her side of the story)

TakingTheStairs Wed 03-Apr-13 14:14:15

I'm sure others will disagree with me, but if he is that much of an arse and that nasty, then don't put his name on the birth certificate (and obviously don't warn him of this before hand) and he'll have to go to the courts to get pr. And when he does you will have (start taking notes) dates and details of all the nasty things/ threats about the child that he has said.

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