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kobo touch not working what are my rights

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toomanyteens Fri 22-Mar-13 22:27:50

Ah thanks for that. my thoughts are that an e reader should last longer than 1 year and 6 weeks!! im sure they aren't designed to stop working as quick as that. my problem with my books is that i will have to buy another kobo when i don't really want to give them any more money as im definitely not impressed with their customer service !
Im going to go back to WHsmith and try again

prh47bridge Thu 21-Mar-13 23:41:43

Your rights are against W H Smith. The biggest problem you have is that, because it is over 6 months old, you have to prove that the problem is down to a fault that was present when it was bought and is not caused by normal wear and tear or misuse.

If you can show that the Kobo Touch was faulty you can demand that W H Smith repair or replace it, although they can usually decide which. If they refuse you can claim either a reduction on the purchase price or get your money back less an amount for the use you have had.

Some good news. I understand the Kobo desktop application will have kept a backup of all your books on the PC. You therefore won't have lost them even if you have to get a new Kobo.

toomanyteens Thu 21-Mar-13 23:15:48

hi, was wondering if anyone knows what my rights are as i feel that this is def wrong ! my kobo touch stopped working 1 year and 6 weeks after i got it as a birthday present from my DH. went to whsmith (where my husband bought it) who tried loads of ways to reset it, they rang kobo (a canadian co.) who suggested we repeat all resets and told whsmith staff that it sounded like a faulty e reader. I was told by whsmith that they can't do anything as it was bought more than a year ago and it was up to kobo to sort out. i rang kobo who (because i did not have receipt any more)emailed me to tell me they can't do anything either but i could post my e reader back to them for them to recycle!! so now i have lost all my books i bought and after 1 year (which i think is contravening sale of goods act for reasonable time)
does anyone know if whsmith should replace my kobo as i think an ereader should last longer than a year ?
I am SOOO furious !!!

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