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Police caution as a teenager...will it show on a CRB?

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Beensostupid Thu 07-Mar-13 19:32:52

Namechanged as very embarrassed.

Please don't judge me but as a teenager (14 or 15) I was caught shoplifting! I was given a police caution at the local station...I feel sick just writing this! Anyway 17 years on and I would like to apply for a job that I think will need an enhanced crb...will it show up? I really, really don't want to raise this with them as I feel so embarrassed by it! TIA

hamilton75 Tue 02-Jul-13 18:25:21

DH had a caution at 18 for being drunk and disorderly (20 years ago). He applied for his PGCE and was worried it would show up so he got in contact with the local station beforehand. There was nothing at all on the police computer and the police assured him it wouldn't show as it was so long ago/spent.

It didn't, came back clean as a whistle so I'm not sure why some people are saying the OPs would still show. Surely different forces must have the same procedure?

hifi Tue 02-Jul-13 19:06:17

when we were being approved as adopters,DH had 3 sheets returned with all his violations from the age of 15.this was 3 years ago,his offences were33 years ago.

ItStartedInRome Tue 02-Jul-13 20:59:22

OP not sure where some of those seeking to help you get their 'knowledge' from. Prh47 clearly has actual knowledge on this subject.

'Spent' convictions/cautions/warnings/reprimands are dealt with under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. In all likelihood therefore your caution is spent and does not need to be declared by you to potential employer. There are however exceptions. These include working with kids, vulnerable adults, some senior financial positions, law enforcement and legal jobs. It would be usual for your original application form (if there was one) to ask whether you had any convictions/cautions to declare and would state whether or not the ROA 1974 applied.

An enhanced check on your criminal record should show everything including this caution. Prh47 covered many reasons why sometimes they come back clear. I'd add that often individual police stations didn't record things properly, years ago there wasn't a centralised system, many juveniles who were told off/given a fright by police didn't actually receive a formal caution/reprimand/warning and understandably get confused with the terminology.

prh47bridge Tue 02-Jul-13 23:23:55

Thank you ItStartedInRome.

Just to bring this thread up to date, the information posted by Wacksy17 is broadly correct. The government decided to respond to the appeal court ruling I referred to previously by introducing some filtering.

There is a list of 751 offences that will never be removed from a DBS check. For other offences the rules are:

- If the offence resulted in a caution it will be removed 6 years after the date of the caution. This period is reduced to 2 years if you were under 18 at the time of the offence.

- If the offence resulted in a conviction it will be removed 11 years after the date of conviction provided it is your only offence and you did not receive a custodial sentence. This period is reduced to 5.5 years if you were under 18 at the time of the offence.

The government's official announcement including links to the rules and the current list of offences that will never be removed can be found here.

StuBlack Fri 02-Aug-13 21:03:44

Thanks for (at last) an authoritative answer in this. i do sometimes wonder how people find the time to go on these forums without finding the time to make sure what they post is accurate/helpful.

Couple of questions if I may :

1. Does a 'caution' include a 'reprimand' that I understand is a less severe warning ?

2. How joined-up are today's reporting systems, I.e. if my son got a warning (reprimand I think) last week in deepest Cormwall, how likely is this to make its way to a centralised system that holds the data for enhanced DBSs ?


prh47bridge Sat 03-Aug-13 00:02:01

Reprimands and warnings are treated the same way as cautions for DBS checks. In essence they replace cautions for those aged 17 or under.

The centralised system is the PNC - Police National Computer - which has been in operation since 1974. It holds over 9 million personal records each of which should show all previous arrests and convictions including the outcome of each case. A record should have been created for your son when he was arrested. Any system depends on humans to input data so it is possible that nothing was entered or that the information is garbled but the likelihood is that the information is there and hence available for DBS checks.

The good news is that your son's reprimand or warning will no longer appear on DBS checks in two years time unless it is for one of the offences that is never filtered.

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