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Letting Agency Messing My DD Around - Where Do We Stand?

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BuntyBagshaw Fri 01-Mar-13 16:13:54

This is a long story and I will try to cut it short.

DD found a house to rent through a letting agency. She viewed it and they told her what the bond and months rent up front was. There was also an admin fee of £100.

They told her that if she could get this amount together quickly she could have the house. We lent her the money and it all involved a lot of tooing and froing between banks and the agency. When she went in to give them the last bit of money they told her that the landlord had moved a family member in instead but that they had another house she could look at.

She went that afternoon to view the house and there was someone else looking at it at the same time. As they already had her fees they told her she could have it, but she needed a guarantor. Mr Bagshaw went up with her yesterday to sort that out.

DD put down all the information she was asked for about the guarantor and they also wanted another hundred pounds to credit check him. They gave her a holding deposit receipt, a guarantee agreement and an assured shorthold tenancy agreement which she and they both signed.

Today they have phoned her up and told her that she can't have the house because she didn't put down enough information about the guarantor and the landlord has given it to the other person who viewed it. She gave them all of the information they asked for and the woman at the agency chec ked it over.

On the receipt it says also that the tenancy is offered "subject to contract" dependant on the receipt of guarantees, cleared funds and signing of the tenancy agreement... all of which have happened, although they cannot have credit checked Mr Bagshaw since yesterday afternoon, I know. But none of those is the reason they have given her for not giving her the house.

The receipt also says they will not offer the property to any other applicant until the start date of the tenancy, which is on Monday.

To say I am hacked off with it all is an understatement and poor dd is very upset. It seems like they are just messing her around and making excuses. They will be keeping the £200 admin fees of course.

Any ideas where we go from here please??

LIZS Fri 01-Mar-13 16:18:54

There was a similar tale on Watchdog (iirc) a few series ago where agents or people pretending to be ll took deposits and didn't hand over keys or tenancies. tbh I'd take it as an early warning even if they are bona fide as to how she might be treated as a tenant. Worth speaking to Trading Standards though as there may be a pattern to this.

BuntyBagshaw Fri 01-Mar-13 17:57:02

I cannot help feeling like they never intended to let her a property.

So far I have established that she has not got a tenancy until she moves in, but she DOES have a contract which is with the landlord, not the agency. Is that correct?

What realistic chance would there be of say, suing in small claims court for losses incurred by my daughter because of the breach of contract?

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