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Can we do anything to stop him returning?

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flora123 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:10:19

Hi all,

I'm a regular but have name changed due to the sensitive nature of my post. I am praying some of you out there will be able to help - and apologies in advance for the distressing subject matter, but I am desperate for advice.

A few months ago, a neighbour of mine was convicted of peadophilia and imprisoned for 3 years. The details of his crimes were in the press and are absolutely horrific - the police apparently had him under surveillance due to his internet usage, and basically 'set him up' in order to catch him. His intention was to rape a 2 year old girl and a 7 year old boy: he went somewhere where he thought he would be able to commit this awful crime, but it was a sting operation and the police caught him. His home was raided, and he was found in possession of a vast amount of the highest category of child pornography etc. He lived alone, had no children and is in his mid-60's. The police believe that there are other victims, and appealed for them to come forward.

When this all became public knowledge, everyone on my street was, of course, shocked and horrified. This man had lived on my road for many years, and was generally regarded by most to be a harmless, eccentric loner. Some of the older residents who had known him for many years almost seemed to be in denial about it...

So at the moment, he is, thankfully, in prison. But I am losing sleep over what happens should he ever return to our road once his sentence is over. I have 3 children under 6 and this man's house is directly opposite ours. There are twelve families on our road with children under 10. Three doors down from this man's house, a woman works as a childminder in her house. Obviously, everyone feels deeply worried at the prospect of his return, particularly as there could be the possibility of him getting out early.

I know that there might be no cause for me to be worrying at this stage. He could die in prison, given his age; or he might well choose to live elsewhere once he is released. But I am desperately, desperately concerned that he could return, and I was wondering if there is anything at all that the community can do to prevent this from happening?

I don't want to come across as 'as long as he's not near MY family, that's ok'. Obviously, he is a threat to children wherever he is. However, I do know that he owns his (now sitting empty) house outright, having inherited it from his mother - and, this being London, it is worth a pretty large amount of money. Effectively, it could be sold and he could easily live elsewhere in a place where he is not surrounded by children. A retirement community, for example. I know that, wherever he goes, the police will be monitoring him - but that would not make the families here feel safe or comfortable should he come back. One might argue that you are actually safer if you KNOW where a peadophile is - and can therefore protect your kids accordingly - but I know that I (and many others on my street) would feel on edge constantly, and utterly sickened, should he return.

So - can anything be done? Does the prison service ever ensure that people do not return to their previous addresses once they are released? I was wondering if there is anything we, as a community, can collectively do? Could we, for example, take out some kind of a collective restraining order, given that we feel that he would be a threat to our children? I have also posted this is relationships.

Once again, I am desperate for advice. If there are any steps we can take legally, I want to get the ball rolling. Thank you so much in advance - I am worried sick.

marriednotdead Fri 15-Feb-13 13:33:24

I would have thought that the Police would be able to advise you about this. What a horrible situation sad

flora123 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:50:48

It's an awful situation.

I know that the police will monitor him (or claim to be monitoring him) when he leaves prison. But if he returns to the house opposite me, short of putting him under house arrest (which they won't do of course!), that wouldn't make me feel safe.

What I want to know is, can we legally do anything to prevent his return?

flora123 Fri 15-Feb-13 14:51:34

I am wondering about restraining orders etc. Please, can anyone advise? We are desperately worried and want to get things started now if we can make any kind of proceedings against him.

feckawwf Fri 15-Feb-13 15:29:51

Personally I think most people in his position would be too scared to return home, quite rightly too! My next door neighbour was a pedophile, he was apparently(confirmed by local police at a neighbourhood watch meeting) given a clause in his sentence where he's not allowed within so many miles of the village. His house was repossessed when he was in prison and to my knowledge he has no reason to return even if he could.

flora123 Fri 15-Feb-13 19:27:46

Thanks so much fekka. It's good to know - though am wondering if that may have been due to the abuser's victim(s).

In this case, there are no named victims that I know of (of course the children in the porn he possessed were victims) - but you know what I mean.

Anyone else? I am beside myself with worry...

feckawwf Sun 17-Feb-13 09:18:27

Flora my neighbour had not "abused" victims as such I.e to polices knowledge no one was ever molested it was "just" child porn of the worst degree and he was part of a worldwide pedophile ring, he was classed as the administrator ie he didn't abuse the children he edited the photos. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it but feel slight comfort in that there were no local victims. Yet was still given that clause in his sentence so I don't know if that's a standard thing?

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