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Problem with Tsb Lloyds Bank, Please help

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cumfy Tue 26-Feb-13 14:37:33

wonkylegs unfortunately they are indeed trying to make an idiot out of the OP.

They are in the business of making money not learning lessons.

They will be only too well aware of their mistake in this instance and are entirely disinclined to disclose it; hence the "wrong address".

Pick a random edition of Radio 4 Moneybox and you will hear far worse.

cumfy Tue 26-Feb-13 14:30:03

I'm sorry but they are clearly just going to stonewall you.

Basically, bank complaints procedures are so long and convoluted that it will take forever, and don't they know it.

And don't forget all of this is a convenient distraction from obtaining DM's credit history.
They were wrong about that and now they have created this wild goose chase.

Wrong address, my arse.grin

wonkylegs Mon 25-Feb-13 19:15:44

I don't think it's banks in particular but large organisations do tend to make mistakes and due to the culture of depersonalisation of global companies often nobody will take responsibility for those mistakes.
It's an unfortunate consequence of larger and larger organisations with decisions taken away from those on the front line.
They aren't trying to make an idiot out of you they've just had a series of mistakes which need to be corrected and made sure that they learn from them.
Personally never had a problem with Lloyds TSB but had similar experiences with Santander & HSBC.

Agelagor Mon 25-Feb-13 18:00:12

I do understand what you meant there and I appreciate your advice. Once I will settle this issue I will change the bank as quickly as possible.

Agelagor Mon 25-Feb-13 17:51:21

Perhaps I did not make myself clear. Recompense is not most important but making an idiot out of a client. At our first meeting everything was explained and bank has accepted their mistakes and now it turns out that I have lived somewhere I did not even know about since apparently it was my last address where personal documents and debit card was send to. Also the fact that they said they would contact me and took actions completely opposite to what was said.
Lesson for today? Never trust banks as they will make an idiot out of you.

wonkylegs Mon 25-Feb-13 16:58:43

I think that you are rightfully getting wound up by the lack service but getting obsessed with compensation which to me clouds the issue.
If you lose your calm to lose the upper hand in these types of situation although it's perfectly understandable.
Firstly I would be seeking redress of the issues, an apology and confirmation that all details are now correct. I would also ask what the bank is going to do about ensuring that this will never happen again.
If you are not happy with there answers to this I would be changing bank.
Secondly, the issue of compensation. There are two parts to this a) they should refund any charges caused by their error, (overdraft etc) and cover the costs of visits / phone calls etc to rectify the mistake.
B) compensation as an apology. Although you were inconvenienced and embarrassed I cannot see real damage being done therefore a compensation offer of £100-250 would seem fair as long as it comes with the assurances etc.
You mention another customer getting £1000s but you do not know the circumstances of that claim. Higher amounts usually cover damages such as loss of interest / damages to business or employment where a real financial loss has been made.
Compensation is usually assessed on a case by case basis as there are individual circumstances to take into account.
A calm letter setting out what you wish to get from the complaint should be made to the customer services dept & copied in to your branch manager. You should set a time limit for response 7-10 working days would be fair. If you do not get a satisfactory reply you can then escalate to the ombudsman.

Agelagor Mon 25-Feb-13 16:40:13

Thank you Alad.

Follow up.

Our meeting with bank took place on 15th of February. Manager ask us what sum would recompense us. We told him to offer us a sum. We assumed that bank has a list of recompense sums and situations under which they are allocated. Manager was not happy as he thought we would negotiate until low sum would be settled. He said that if he was in our shoes £250 would satisfy him. Manager was not prepared. We were informed that in this situation our case will move up to Customer Service Lloyds Banking Group who will be able to tell us what sum should be given. Within 48 hours they would contact the bank. We were told that on 19th bank would call us and would offer their sum. However, day went by and they did not contact us.

Following day, on 20th of February, my mother and I have received phone call from the bank which was so short that it was not possible to answer it. Later that day my mother have received a sum of £175 on her debit account from the bank. Manager did not contact us as we were told at the first place and made a transaction without informing us.

Last night I wrote an official complaint.

Today my mother has received a letter from Customer Service Lloyds Banking Group saying:

" As you mention you are unhappy with the following:-

- your address was changed to your old address in error
- your new card sent to your old address
- you had problems using your existing debit card
- you contacted Experian and your old address had been linked to your credit file"

It also explained the allocation of £175. As you see for yourself what they wrote is far from truth. It was a completely different address under which card and documents were send. Also it does not mention other mistakes bank did. I called them but the lady who wrote the letter was not in today and was advised to call tomorrow.

I have received a letter too. It says that lady (who was supposed to call us and gave her word) was trying to contact me, but was not been able to reach me. There is nothing to worry about and she would like to know if I feel that the services I use or the products I have are still right for me.
Completely irrelevant letter. Most of all I did make it very clear to her to call my mother as I am at the university most of the week time and probably will not be able to answer her call. She said it is fine and took my mothers number, we also told her to ring my mother twice in case she would not be able to answer first time.
Further, letter gives her contact number and says to contact her if I have any questions.

Yet another ridiculous letter from bank. I tired to call her and was told that she is on a holiday for a week. Interesting, isn't it?

I just checked calling history and bank "called" my mother at 16:09 and then i had unanswered call at 16:10. One minute to dial two numbers and make two calls. It is easy to check the calling bills with the bank as it is not a secret and they should reveal the information with how long their so called call lasted. This is something I will have to tell the complaining company when they will contact me.

Now bank has made themselves look innocent and we are the bad ones who are trying to get the money out of them.

To summarise it all :
1. Debit card blocked after 3 days not 30
2. Credit card blocked
3. Change of address - debit card sent
4. Change of address -leakage of personal data (credit history sent)
5. Unable to use money on holiday, morale loss
6. Over the limit - no control over the card
7. Managers attitude towards my mother
8. Bank did no call on 19th although it was said so
9. False call
10. Bank trying to settle situation without any further consultation with us

This is getting worse and worse.

Alad Thu 14-Feb-13 19:51:29

Write them a formal letter of complaint. Use their process. If not happy take them to the ombudsman. Don't use a claims management company. You could also take them to small claims court. PM if u
U need help.

Agelagor Thu 14-Feb-13 19:28:39

In the middle of November I went to Tsb Lloyds bank with my mother. We
were trying to increase the overdraft on a debit card and were told it
is not possible due to a negative credit history which was not true as
we never experienced or caused any problems with credit. We were told
it must be a system mistake as such thing does happen often with
customers. We were advised to change my mothers account to Premier
account in order to check what could have caused the negative credit
history and to sort the issue out. With this account my mother was
charged less for looking into to the credit history. Form to fill and
send to people who deal with credit histories was supposed to arrive
within a week or two. New debit card was supposed to arrive within 30
days and the old one would then be blocked. We did mention that timing
is really important for us as my parents were going on a holiday at the
start of December. Whilst in Tenerife my mothers debit and credit card
were blocked. She could not get access to receipt with the amount she
had. She was very embarrassed when it came to paying at the shop as she
could not use her card. Everyone looked at my parents as if they were
thief's. As they did not have access to their money they did not buy
Christmas presents to their grandchildren. Whole holiday become a one
big stressor for them.

We went to bank last Friday to sort the issue and find out what have
happened. It turned out that the computer system has changed my mothers
address and sent new debit card to a completely different address.
Debit card was blocked after 3 days not 30, because the computer system
has decided to do so. Documents about negative credit history that were
to be filled and send were also sent under a wrong address. Manager
have told us that he can recompense us with 50 or maximum of 100
pounds. To be honest we were not even thinking about recompense when we
went there. The manager tried to get the whole situation quiet and the
fact that the other day Scottish person came and made a big affair
about having his bank documents send under the wrong address made the
manager give him more than one thousand pounds of recompense. Just
because someone is from another country does not mean they are not
familiar with law nor are to be treated worse than others.

We managed to get my mothers new debit card blocked and unblocked the
credit card. Thank God no one used new debit card. It is easy to use
card online without a pin. Credit card was blocked because of the wrong
address which was in the system and because the negative history was
not explained. Since my parents did not have access to my mothers
account she did go over the limit few times as there was no control
over the card. The whole situation in which we are in is not common for
the bank.

As there was so much to take in we decided to meet again next Friday
with the bank and try to sort the issue. Manager said that he will have
to call his friend in order to get some more advice. Lady who was
talking with us said that whenever he says it means that the situation
is beyond his authority.

To summarise it all :
1. Debit card blocked after 3 days not 30
2. Credit card blocked
3. Change of address - debit card send under the wrong address
4. Change of address - credit history documents send under the wrong address
5. Unable to use money on holiday
6. Over the limit - no control over the card

I went to Citizen Advice Bureau and was told to see what bank has to say tomorrow and if I am not happy I should put a complain which can take up to few months before it will be solved.

I have never been in such situation and according to Scottish legislations I do not know how much should I want from bank to recompense us. I would be grateful for any advice.

Thank you for your time.

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