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Does the council have to sort this? - no fire.

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LittlePinkMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 09:06:21

We had an old council gas fire and a few years ago we swapped it for an open gas fire.

We had it properly fitted by a registered gasman and the council came round to do their gaschecks a few times a year and there was never any problem with it.

The council were doing up all the local houses so we have got a new roof and as we were a 1940s terrace made of single layer concrete blocks (brrr) they cladded the whole house with insulating blocks and then several layers of other stuff, finishing with 'brick effect tiles.

Now a lady came to check our fire after and TURNED IT OFF AT THE MAINS.

as it was an open gas fire and there was no vent in the room.

There used to be a vent, we remember it, they also did the inside of the living room, they used wood batons to make a structure and laid plasterboard and repladstered.

The old vent is behind this!

They have told us its not their fault the vents gone and they won't put a new one in

We have 4 kids under 8 and haven't been able to turn the fire on for over 6 months and its fucking cold.

They said as its not a standard gas fire and we replaced it its not their responsibility to put a vent in

but even if we left the original fire in it would STILL need ventilation... and they covered it up?!

They won't budge, its like talking to a brick wall and I just want to put my lovely fire on sad

usualsuspect Wed 13-Feb-13 09:10:56

What have they done with your neighbours houses that still have the original gas fires?

usualsuspect Wed 13-Feb-13 09:11:26

Have they put vents in?

LittlePinkMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 09:16:05

This is what I said to DH usual, surely they can't have covered up every vent in every house, it makes no sense!

Our fire does need MORE ventilation than the council ones but they council ones definatly do need at least half.

DH looked up the official regulations and it all depends on what windows you have, flooring etc ... but there should be a vent regardless,

The council contracted different companies to the jobs and they are just passing blame.

I don't know how much it would be to put a vent in (skint anyways) but knowing the council they probably still wouldn't turn the fire back on!

usualsuspect Wed 13-Feb-13 09:20:24

Seems odd they never left a vent at all.

I would ask a neighbour to see if the did leave vents for original fires and take it from there?

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