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cival case after police prosacution

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bumptobabies Tue 12-Feb-13 21:26:40

really need advice from anyone in the know, on a couple of matters. my sister was the victim of a rape it went to court after 20 months in depth investigation he was found not guilty. since then he has been intimidating her indirectly via facebook and has breached anonyminity he has also got hold of a copy of the transcript and is emailing it to people. she has become isolated and fearfull. he is also defamating her charachter.
she reportedit to the police but it is taking ages. where does she stand legally he is also threatening to go to the press saying she lied and committed purgery, the police said they would not have spent 20 months on a case they believed to be false. they also said just because a jury could not convict him does not mean they believe him to be innocent.
can she take cival action for the same offence and will she get legal aid?
thank you

EldritchCleavage Wed 13-Feb-13 15:33:35

She can sue him for harassment and go to court for an emergency injunction (even before the action has begun) to stop him contacting her, breaching anonymity and so on. Tell her to contact a solicitor as soon as she can.

Bear in mind if she gets a civil injunction re harassment and he breaches it, that then becomes a criminal offence and the police can arrest him for it.

She may find if she gets a solicitor on board the solicitor will have more luck pressurising the police to take action or explain why they aren't. If she is not satisfied with their actions she can ask to speak to the Inspector at the station dealing with it to find out what is going on.

In the meantime, make sure all the messages are saved and you get screenshots of what he is doing online. Keep a record of everyone you think he's contacted. If any of them then contact your sister, she should keep a record of that too.

Sounds horrible and I wish you luck in sorting it out.

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